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19 October 2020




  1. Winter League will start on Sunday October 25th and end on Friday 26th March 2021


  1. This year there will be 2 separate Winter League competitions


Mid Week Winter League – cards can be submitted  every day between  Monday and Friday – make sure to have funds in account to pay entry fee when shop closed.

Weekend Winter League – cards can be submitted on Saturdays and Sundays


Players can play in both competitions and there will be separate prize funds for best 6 scratch, nett and eclectics in each competition.

Mid Week Cards submitted  between Monday 21st December and Wednesday 6th January will be counted towards both mid week and weekend competitions.


     There will be TWO HANDICAP SECTIONS

      SECTION A is Scratch – 12, SECTION B is 13 – 28.


  1. For the purposes of end of season prizes, you remain in the section where you started the campaign.  For week to week sweeps and twos, you are competing in your current handicap section. 


  1. The entry per round is Card (£1.50), Sweep (£0.50 - Optional) and Twos (£1.00 – Optional), payable in the Pro-shop.  Counting holes for 2’s are the 3rd and 17trh












Mats – The use of mats is voluntary but, in order to protect the fairways, the Committee would encourage all players to use mats for all fairway shots where a divot is liable to be taken.


Fairways – preferred lies are in operation throughout the Winter League. Position of the ball should be marked, ball may be cleaned and replaced within 6 inches of the marker (but not nearer the hole).

Rough – players may take relief, without penalty, for a ball embedded in it’s own pitch mark or from casual water in the rough, provided permission is approved by playing partner. Blue line marks edge of rough on 17th hole.

Bunkers – Any ball landing in a bunker may be lifted and placed within 6 inches but no nearer the hole. Casual water in a bunker – relief as per Rules of Golf. Leaves in bunkers - see temporary local rule.

Lost ball – for any lost ball (except a ball which has been hit out of bounds) a player may either

  • play another ball, under penalty of  1 stroke, from the spot where the original ball was played (ie playing 3 if tee shot lost or 4 if 2nd shot lost)


  • choose to play another ball, under penalty of 2 strokes, from the spot where it is agreed with the player’s marker that the original ball was deemed to be lost.


  •  In the case of a ball hit out of bounds the player MUST play again, under penalty of 1 stroke from where the original ball was played (ie playing 3 if tee shot lost or 4 if 2nd shot lost)


Shortened Coursein the event of weather conditions requiring play on a reduced number of holes the following rules will apply:


  1.  if 15 or more holes are in play, competitors should enter a par score for the holes which are closed and scores will count towards scratch and nett scores but closed holes will not count towards eclectic scores. Normal entry fees will apply.
  2.  If less than 15 holes are in play, scores at holes in play will count towards eclectic score. Competitors should only record scores for those holes played. Entry fee will be reduced to £1 and sweep and 2’s will still be available. Handicap allowance for the purpose of the sweep will be announced before the start of play and will depend on the number of holes in play.